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Our Town Matters is a full service marketing, event and media company specializing in strategic marketing for small and midsized businesses, delivering local community events and ticketing solutions, new media programming and engaging promotions and contests for the communities we serve.  We also offer features and benefits as a membership based business alliance


We constantly strive to exceed expectations, create unforgettable memories, help organizations better engage with their customers and generate new revenue streams while leveraging the reputable and institutional industry knowledge of our team.


We meet local businesses where they are and create strategies that propel them to where they want to be.  Let us help take your organization to the next level.


As a business alliance, our mission is to connect, innovate, and grow opportunity for all who operate or do business in the areas we serve. 

Moreover, we strive to be the gold standard for delivering results for all of our clients.


Contact us today and let us help take your organization to the next level.

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